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A few notes of explanation:

  • Firstly, sometimes the text of the manuscript is small and cramped and magnification is necessary to read it. Therefore the day to day diary,  Shooting season diary and all cricket reports will be transcribed  although there are times when this is very difficult. Where it has been impossible will be denoted by  a series of  ????   None of the other sporting reports will be transcribed. 

  • Secondly, the images have all been scanned to the best of my ability, and likewise the  explanatory notes are to the best of my ability. My apologies in advance for any  weaknesses or limitations in either. 

  • Thirdly,  The Jane Austen section was a totally unplanned and unexpected discovery, and is the most  extraordinary result of following a hunch and going where it led. 

  • Fourthly  I don't know when the end will be. When that day comes it will be listed as such. Until then, there is more to come!

  • I would particularly like to thank Bill Archer  from Se7en Marketing for all his effort to make this site as aesthetically pleasing and orderly as it is.  I am so much more pleased with his efforts than mine.  


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