Dan Barnett Contracts Manager CRT

    I was contacted by  Dan Barnett contracts manager for CRT regarding duckweed disposal.  By a misunderstanding on his part he thought I was interested in purchasing aquatic weed.  He/We  had plenty so he said in his email to me.  Since April at least 500 tons straight into landfill!  He was keen so he said to find a more sustainable disposal method because straight into landfill was against all Trust values.  He enclosed a report, quantities recovered, etc which I could not access.  I told him this so he sent me details about how much it costs to dispose of.   It costs between 250 pounds and 390 pounds per truck to load and deliver dependent upon how far the loading point is away from the waste site and 121 pounds per ton YES 121 pounds per ton to dispose of this.  60,000 pounds  or thereabouts just from London. 

       With a little time and effort I found I could considerably improve upon this figure 

       So I contacted Dan to say that I could improve considerably upon this figure  in the short to mid term and perhaps more so in the long term.   Also if he was interested I told him that I had an idea for Japanese knotweed removal that might or might not work (see above) that he might like to consider  also.  The only problem for him was that I wanted a fee for saving the truust many thousands of pounds. 

     I have had no reply since.  I sent a second email to him asking him to confirm that the trust preferred the arrangement whereby they spent tens of thousands of pounds more than necessary and that in the event of no reply I would assume that to be the case.

    Still no reply from this inept, incompetent, useless, fool. 

    So there you have it.  Without doubt one reason that CRT are short of money is because they squander it through sheer incompetence.  In London alone and remember there is duckweed elsewhere CRT would rather spend at least 50,000 pounds more than is necessary.  

     Why do we have to put up with such dunces.  We boaters have no say in the employment of any of these people who materially affect our lives.  We cannot remove them, complain about  them effectively,  we just have to lump it.   Dan Barnett with one crass example of a lack of basic initiative costs every single boater at least 1 pound per year.  Half the problem with CRT is that its full of stupid staff who think that because they are in the jobs that they are in it is because they are worth it and that they are worth it which is why they are in the jobs they are in.  Like Dan Barnett who I imagine thinks is worth every penny of his salary.  

      One might wonder why I choose not to tell CRT about what could be done.   This is a point that requires answering.

      Firstly:  If I save CRT 100,000 pounds this improves their balance sheet.  A better balance sheet leads to either more bonus for the directors or greater justification for that bonus.  In the first place I do not like bonuses awarded to people who already earn quite enough and secondly  if bonus is to be paid it should be paid equally and to every CRT  worker.  

      Secondly  If I am right Dan Barnett and perhaps others will or could collect the credit or kudos that accompanies such a dramatic saving .  What do I get?  A big fat zero.      

    An email was received today Wednesday 2nd October.

    Dan has misread everything and thinks I am offering tendering for the removal of the weed for which CRT are well covered. In fact I am offering a much better solution than CRT's current method which is landfill.  I have emailed back to correct him on his mistake.    

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