Reasons For Refusing a Throat / Nasal Swab Test for Covid

1)  I have automatic reflexes I cannot control

ie.  I cannot have my ears syringed I just cannot stay still whilst being syringed

Ie   Teeth cleaning  I have to jabbede before I can stay still.  As soon as the drill?  touches my gums I automatically move which is a danger to me

So its highly likely that as soon as that swab goes up my nose or down my throat  and touches anywhere  I will move with automatic reflexes.  This is enough for me to refuse this swab test in particular because the administrator will be very close to my olfactory senses.  NO! Thank you. 

Why would I be wrong?


2)  I believe I have alreay had covid and an antibody test will show this.  I am happy to have this.  If I have antibodies I will not be getting covid anytime soon because I have antibodies and will neither catch it or pass it on

Why would I be wrong? 

3)  Exactly whhat symptoms do I have that lead you to think I might have Covid?  I am here because I feel fine.  If I felt ill in any way I would say so.  I dont.  


4)  There is absolutely no need for a throat / nasal swab test.  You can use my saliva,  material blown from my nose, or coughed up from my lungs.  As members of my family now  know having had covid a simple test just using saliva is plenty in order to show whether an individual has covid or not. 

Why would I be wrong to think this?

5)  Professor Antonietta Gatti has examined some of these.  She has found material that is or should be of deep concern to any medical practitioner.  Her findings in themselves are enough for me to say NO! Thank You

Unesco Human Rights Article 6

Finally its about time that this appalling waste of time and money ceased and funds used to treat

Mainly  French words and phrases in Italics in the order they appear in the text in Mansfield Park.

Toilettes,   Tete-a-tete,    Protegee,    Esprit De Corps,   Bon Mot,   Bon Vivant,   Dramatis personae,   Menus plaisirs,   Tout ensemble,   Con amore,   Con amore,   Exigeant,   In propria persona,  Etourderie,   Fracas?

Words in English in the 1st  6 chapters of Mansfield.  Includes the French words in their order of appearance. 

Yours,  that,  I,  you,  younger,  them,  her,  daughters,  Miss Bertram,  was,  her,   them,   the Island,  that's,  must,  Here,  her,  Here,  your,  wished,  have been,  must,  her time,  toilettes,  tete -  a - tete,  protegee,  last,   


From chapter 4    will,  at first,  taken in,  must,  esprit de corps,  He,  should,  she,  her,  him,  out,  That,  will,  out,  out,  should be,  before,  not out,  have,  that,  That,  that,  out,   her,  not,

Numbers as they appear in the 1st 4 chapters.  The first 3 French phrases appear in chapter 4 

30, 7000, 3000, 2, half as in half a dozen, 1000, 11, 11, 1, 8, 10, 1, 9, 4, 2, 1, 10, 1, 7, 3, 2 , 1, 3, 10, 1, 10, 2, 2, 12, 2, 2, 17, 10, 2, 3, 17, 15, 10, 20, 30, 45, 15, 5, 1, 2, 600,  5000, 1, 16, 10, 3, 1,  2, third?, third?,  1, 20, 10. 1, 2, 1, 12000, 20000, 2, 20000, 3, half a dozen, 3, 1  

People to contact

Tim Bunting   Bolderton Capital 

 020 7016 6800  

I think he is a New Zealander and he is the one to suggest that the Manuscript maybe out of his league.  He has built up a very extensive cricket library housed in a Hampshire rectory which he has ambitions to be second only to Lords Library.  Included in his collection I think are 2 sets of Wisden's Almanacks including W. G. Grace's set for which he paid 150,000 for as he could.  A former Goldman Sachs partner he has the money  


Maggs Booksellers 

Internationally recognised as 1 of the if not the leading  book dealers for 100 plus years.  They deal in expensive stuff.  They have a manuscript expert and they have or had connections  to the Getty estate.  They may well have other good cricket contacts but if not the savvy to find them Getty estate and its cricket links is well known throughout the English cricket world.  Playing at the ground is usually by invitation.  There is a cricket museum as well as a fabulous library .  The downside to Maggs is that because of the missing pages they may not be interested.


Tim Rice Lyricist Jesus Christ Superstar etc 

Very enthusiastic not to mention wealthy cricket fan.  Owns a complete set of Wisdens purchased many years ago.  Probably only contactable via agent 

Chris Saunders Book Dealer   01594 516030 

and Lords Library  

CS was engaged by Lords Library  to view manuscript with Neil Robinson  but failed to show  when they learnt how much I was asking.  Best to contact him first.   I never had the chance to quiz either about their opinion of the most important cricket documents or to point out that the "Original Source Manuscript " to Wisden 1864 must surely be one of them.  I would certainly have pointed that Britchers scorecards sold by Christies for £324 000 plus commission were of both lesser interest   and importance.  CS knows about Britcher. He has republished a limited edition of 100 copies finely bound.  Copies are still available.  Not the best of sellers.  


J.W.  Mackenzie Book Dealer  020 8393 7700

There was a time when  the long established JW  was the  No 1 dealer in the cricket/ Wisden world.  He may have a contact.     


Your sisters husband who may know a very wealthy cricket fan  

Nigel  King 

99 Church street 

Rickmansworth WD3 1JJ



For the att. of Dr. Babu and whomsoever is in charge.



A few days ago  I came to Bishops Wood for a hernia pre - op.  This has been cancelled on the grounds of my refusal to take a covid test


  1)  Article 6 of the Human Rights Act  and NHS guidance notes


Under this act and these notes  I am perfectly entitled to refuse a covid test. Nor do I have to give any reason.  A covid test  test  has nothing whatsoever to do with a hernia operation. I do not need one I do not want one and I will not be having one.  I have other reasons although a simple refusal should be enough.  For example I have automatic reflex reactions to touch that I cannot control. An example is the syringing of my ears for earwax.  I just  cannot stay still.  I have  had to use either drops or olive oil.   For the record  I cannot remember my last illness in the summer months,  I do not get ill in the summer.   Currently I have no symptoms that in way shape or form can be ascribed to covid.

Furthermore these tests are not 100% accurate,  they produce false positives (Whatever is the point of such a useless test???) and can you even prove that what you are testing for exists. Or are you just looking for rebranded flu.   Where indeed has the flu gone.   




I do not like having to cause the NHS any problems at all.  But I refuse to go along with this covid charade.  


I have my covid test kit.  I am happy to do a swab  in my own home.  However I will only do a saliva test as in spitting it out and mixing it.  Its just as effective as a relative proved when she had covid.  Should I test positive it would be a matter of dishonour to me not to you inform you of that fact.  


Nigel King 


Brief Outline description 

Ms.  is 250 pages part illustrated in 3 perhaps 4 parts

a)  Diary Jan 1863 - Sept 1863

b) Shooting Diary Nov 1862 - Mar 1863 centreing around shooting estates belonging to the Elwes family

c)  Collection of sporting reports horse racing, rackets, boxing, rowing and  mainly cricket for the year 1863

d) There is a  quantity of missing pages which in no way impact the other 3 parts.  It is possible, likely even, that they contained a separate text.  The manuscript contains very few obvious mistakes and errors shown by crossing out and due to this I consider it highly unlikely that so many pages were removed due to the author being dissatisfied with his work.  There are few original manuscripts in existence containing so few errors.  With its charming illustrations and aesthetically pleasing handwriting it is a work for which there is little if anything to compare. 


There are 2 basic proofs according to the requirements of criminal law ie. beyond reasonable doubt  that to some extent at least that this ms. is the "Original Source Manuscript" to the 1st edition of 1864.

A few people who have studied Wisden intensely and wondered  whether such a bizarre publication was all Wisden's own work.  My research shows that many if not  all of these oddities and banalities and puzzling inclusions have everything to do with  the authors life, family and friends.  

These cricket reports so beloved of Wisden enthusiasts, as those who know these reports down through the ages will recognise , have clear linguistic and textual roots to the reorts in this ms.  The reports are  in a clear "Wisden" style  (Who was the match between, where and when was it played. Who won the toss, who opened the batting and bowling etc.  A brief account of play through each session and where appropriate points of interest eg.  state of the pitch.) There are reports for most if not all the major matches of the year 1863 and a few accounts for matches unrecorded elsewhere.  Major public schools cricket is also reported.

Of noteworthy  interest so I am informed is the use of the word "maiden" in respect of overs where no runs are scored.  It would seem that this ms contains the earliest known use of this word in this context.  The author cannot have been ignorant of horse racing terminology.  A "maiden" race is for horses that have never won before.  His father bred racehorses for much of his adult life and bred 2 Derby winners. 

I am happy to sell the ms. with all commercial  potentialities and applicable copyrights or on its own for a lower price but retaining  all commercial rights. 

 I am happy to be quizzed about my pricing. 

For comparison purposes note the complete scorecards by Samuel Britcher fetched 324,000 pounds at auction. 

1st editions of Wisden invariably cost 10 - 15000  pounds,  and more for choice examples 

Pricing a manuscript is something  of an art form.  As a basic starting point the price is always many, many times the price of a 1st edition

Finally.  Without a doubt there would have been no Wisden's Almanack without John Wisden and his first editor.    However as the proofs demonstrate, without Francis Emilius Cary Elwes and the manuscript  he created there would have been no 1st edition of Wisden's Almanack and some would say the world would be a little poorer without Wisden's Almanack and for which cricket fans eagerly await each year's new edition in April