Interlude No 3


In brief what is so extraordinary 

Firstly:  I believe I have found a man  a Hertfordshire man  a man who in 1795 when Jane Austen produced the first draft of P and P was a  young, single, and very rich man who may have been the original Mr Darcy.


Secondly :   I have found dozens and dozens, hundreds even  of "EASTER EGGS" anagram puzzles based around the names in Jane Austen's work. Eight  on  one page.  Three  in one short paragraph.  Darcy along with Sewell as in Sewell's Farm and Serle are but 3 of them and these lead to identifying the man who was Darcy.   Those who would like to pursue this train of thought for themselves may like to begin with Northanger Abbey and the name Catherine. 


Thirdly:   To my utter astonishment I have also found "EASTER EGGS" in Numerical form.   Simple  enough in concept to understand   and  yet at their best truly awesome in their creativity.   And possibly /probably there are more to come.   Below are the texts from two of  the easiest to work out.






"Admiral Maxwell, only six weeks before she was taken for death. Poor little sweet creature!  Well, she was taken away from evil to come." 

" She  (Jane) has known him ( Bingley) only a fortnight.  She danced FOUR dances with him at Meryton ; she saw him ONE morning at his house, and has since dine in company with him FOUR time.  this is not quite enough to make her understand his character "

    "Not as you represent it.  Had she merely dined with him , she might  only have discovered whether he had a good appetite;  but you must remember that FOUR evenings have been also spent together - and FOUR evenings may do a great deal."

   " Yes; these FOUR evenings have enabled them to know that they both like VINGT - UN  (Twenty -one)  better than commerce. 

If you have questions please ask. 

You who read this now are some of the first people to see 2 of these puzzles  since perhaps the days when Jane Austen first created them over 200 years ago.  Those who would like to pursue this train of thought also may like to begin with Northanger Abbey.  Write down every numerical reference and study them.  Beginning with  Chapter 1 Paragraph 1  there is a harvest to be gathered.   Look out especially for hiding place of the word EIGHTH.  It is simply astounding.        


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