Reasons For Refusing a Throat / Nasal Swab Test for Covid

1)  I have automatic reflexes I cannot control

ie.  I cannot have my ears syringed I just cannot stay still whilst being syringed

Ie   Teeth cleaning  I have to jabbede before I can stay still.  As soon as the drill?  touches my gums I automatically move which is a danger to me

So its highly likely that as soon as that swab goes up my nose or down my throat  and touches anywhere  I will move with automatic reflexes.  This is enough for me to refuse this swab test in particular because the administrator will be very close to my olfactory senses.  NO! Thank you. 

Why would I be wrong?


2)  I believe I have alreay had covid and an antibody test will show this.  I am happy to have this.  If I have antibodies I will not be getting covid anytime soon because I have antibodies and will neither catch it or pass it on

Why would I be wrong? 

3)  Exactly whhat symptoms do I have that lead you to think I might have Covid?  I am here because I feel fine.  If I felt ill in any way I would say so.  I dont.  


4)  There is absolutely no need for a throat / nasal swab test.  You can use my saliva,  material blown from my nose, or coughed up from my lungs.  As members of my family now  know having had covid a simple test just using saliva is plenty in order to show whether an individual has covid or not. 

Why would I be wrong to think this?

5)  Professor Antonietta Gatti has examined some of these.  She has found material that is or should be of deep concern to any medical practitioner.  Her findings in themselves are enough for me to say NO! Thank You

Unesco Human Rights Article 6

Finally its about time that this appalling waste of time and money ceased and funds used to treat patients

Nigel  King

99Church street 




Dear sir

    I write with a complaint about my former mobile phone provider Id mobile.  Below is a description of my complaint and how it came about.

   On circa 2019 July 16 I took out a 2 year  contract  for a Samsung A1o mobile phone number 07465248892.  The cost was approximately £10. 69 per month.  Payments were by monthly  standing order.  At the end of two years  contract ends and  the phone is now mine:  Or so I thought.


   Here is what happened.  I cancelled the standing order so that no further payments were made  after the last payment was due June 2021.  Id mobile seem to think that the contract only ends when I specifically tell them, and that they can still charge me the same amount per month perhaps more  even though the phone is now mine as cper agreement and please get this I am unable even with the meagre allowances that my contract formerly allowed  to make any calls, send any  messages or use 1 single megabyte of data.  Id mobile are trying to extract 24 pounds or so and are happy to send in debt collectors.


    I wish to make some points 

1)  I would say that simply by virtue of cancelling the standing order I am obviously cancelling the contract.  Why would I cancel a standing order at the end of a contract term  for any other reason than I wished to cancel the contract?   Its over   

2)  Why would or even should I continue paying for a contract where I get absolutely nothing for my money.  And I mean NOTHING!   When someone wants money for something I expect something in return.  Dont you?  When an organisation demands payment and threatens bailiffs and court action and yet declines to itemise exactly what goods and services I have consumed that justifies the payment  requested are questions that require answering.  

3)  Id mobile have contacted 2 debt recovery agents about this.  The first one obviously did not fancy the job and returned it twice to  Id Mobile hence the reason for a second  debt collector to be employed.    

4)  I cannot believe under any circumstances that a contract can possibly be legal that requires me to make payment for absolutely nothing apart from the fact that I have not communicated verbally or in writing to tell them that I no longer wish to continue with a contract for which I get nothing in return.

I no little to nothing  about mobile phone contracts.  After all who really is bothered to read umpteen paragraphs of terms and conditions.  However I can compare them to my previous provider O2.  Towards the end of the contract O2 phoned me a few times trying to persuade me to upgrade my phone and take out another contract.  Would that I had done so.

I think the very least that Id mobile ought to have done is to  contacted me by phone (they did after all have my number ) to discuss upgrading my phone and taking out another contract.  

I suspect that you the mobile phone ombudsman will find that they have done nothing legally wrong, but ethically, morally, and philosophically a contract that requires me to continue paying despite getting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS UTTERLY INVIDIOUS AND IS  A SITUATION THAT IN MY HUMBLE OPINION REQUIRES IMMEDIATE RECTIFICATION. 

I would like,  if you find that I have to pay this obscene charge, a complete breakdown of all goods and services they have provided me with  together with the costs of each one.  At the moment I cannot see ONE!  

Id mobile and I have been through their dispute procedure.  Their has been no movement on their side. 

Id mobile sent two letters the first of which I completely ignored thinking Whats this pile of crap.  Contract has finished.  Go away.

Id mobile also 2 texts the jist of which was that to end my contract early would if memory serves me well 70 pence and 2 pounds and 7 pence.  One would think  looking at the minimal charge to end the contract early there was little left  before the contract ended.  Yet it did not end.  Here again had I been notified that there was a requirement to notify Id mobile you can be quite sure that being charged 12 pounds a month for no upgraded phone, and no ability to make calls, or ability to send messages or have any data to use and in fact would be being charged 12 pound a month for absolutely nothing swift termination would have ensued.    

I reitterate. None of this would have happened had Id mobile taken the simple trouble and the  easy, cheap, efficient, option of ringing me to confirm that I wished to end the contract.  But they choose not to.  It costs time and money to write and post a letter.  Why would you do that.  This case has already cost them everything and more than they were going to recover and there is more to be lost by them.  There is a basic intrinsic stupidity about the way they function and I dont see why I should be inconvenienced in the way that I have been when there was no need whatsoever.         I'm truly incensed to find myself being charged for absolutely nothing.  It cannot possibly be right!!!   How many others have fallen for this ruse.  Please ask Id mobile exactly how often someone  falls foul of this iniquitous clause.  It should not happen. It need not happen, and I would hope that you the ombudsman will take the necessary steps to ensure that it does not happen.  A requirement by Id to have a signed communication within 30 days of the contract ending confirming agreement  to continue the contract would resolve this. 

Finally contrast the actions of O2 with Id mobile

With O2  towards the end of the contract came an invitation to upgrade my phone and take out another contract.  

With Id mobile Before the end of the contract there were no invitations to upgrade my phone or take out another contract and  after the end of the fully paid  contract came  demands for money and threats of court action and bailiffs. 


Thank you for your time 


Nigel  King