Manuscript Access



Part 1


Manuscript Diary for January and February 1863      


Shooting Diary November 1862-January 1863  


Manuscript Diary for March 1863 and Horse Racing




Part 2


First  and second proofs beyond reasonable doubt that Wisden copied another man's work


April Diary

University Rowing Matches, Rackets, and more Horse Racing.


May Diary

Plus more Horse Racing and most Importantly the First of the CRICKET Reports


June  Diary

Plus more Horse Racing and more cricket

                              (including a report for the first ever Yorkshire v Surrey Cricket Match)                               



More Cricket Rowing, Boxing, and  Horse Racing Reports 
(Including the Schools Cricket Reports)





Part 3


July Diary 

Plus more Cricket reports Horse Racing and Rowing              


July Diary

Part 2 

Plus more Cricket   


August Diary

Plus more Cricket   




JANE AUSTEN: Some secrets revealed


February 16 2018–March 2019

Is this man the real Mr. Darcy, the real life locations of Meryton, Northanger Abbey, Thornton Lacey.

The discovery of  two,  YES  two  EASTER EGGS!! And more…




John Constable Lot 61  Bonhams




The first previously unknown original in progress

                         (Etching by Rembrandt to be Discovered for 100 Years.  Is this it?)                                                        








Mainly  French words and phrases in Italics in the order they appear in the text in Mansfield Park.

Toilettes,   Tete-a-tete,    Protegee,    Esprit De Corps,   Bon Mot,   Bon Vivant,   Dramatis personae,   Menus plaisirs,   Tout ensemble,   Con amore,   Con amore,   Exigeant,   In propria persona,  Etourderie,   Fracas?