July Diary plus several More Cricket Reports Horse racing And Rowing 


Until July 1863 Elwes has used a sequence of 4 pages for each month's diary entries. From this point such logical  grouping ends. As can be seen there are initially only 2 pages in the July section of diary. The rest of July follows several pages later.

                        1.  WEDNESDAY .O.

      Did little in the morning but went to Lincolns in the afternoon & talked about selling the house-  Mildenhall- Went with Minnie and George Murray to Miss. Crampton "Amateur Operatics" -  Miss Crampton sang and acted beautifully and most other parts were well done - Old Levingeur was killing - there was a ball after we left we preferred walking home - for coolness.

                       2. THUURSDAY. 

    Wrote diary best part of the day  Dreadfully hot looked like set in heat- Took my usual stroll in these kind of days - in the Kensington gardens with my novel "Orley Farm" and taking a quiet pipe in the shade. 

                       3. FRIDAY . 

       Went to the Oval tremendous hitting of the Players - The commencement of the Gent. 2nd innings was good - R.Walker and Grace . Showing good cricket - Daniel was magnificent - Staid as long as I could - Lawrence Peel came to stay two nights - Chapman dined with us also and played on the piano some of his own compositions.

                         4. SATURDAY .

     Wrote diary - in the morning - Did a few small odds and ends for my "exit" Such as Casting, lines - gloves wading stockings etc. - Minnie went to the opera with Lawrence Peel - thee was a great crush - which made them very late indeed - Gave Miss Smyth another lesson in croquet in the house - Heard with delight Miss G's intended nuptials -

                           5.  S . 5 AFT.TRIN . 

         Did not stir in the morning but walked about as well as the heat would let me - At the club - where I saw Mcdonnell and i staid thee until i found i was late for dinner - Old Zanzi called - Peel returned to Pinner very early 

                            6. Monday . 0. MidsrD.

       Wrote a bit in the morning - Took inventories - Miss G. and friend to luncheon - Went into town and did one or two necessary things - Dreadfully hot - Got things ready for the exit - Miss F.G. and friend to Monday Pop Two very good new violinists a successful concert George went away.

                                7. TUESDAY. C 

     Our last day in town - worked hard - very hot as usual - Took a stroll in the Kensington - A cold bath when I got home - Heavy tea at 7 o'clock - Started fron Kings Cross at 9.15 in a carriage all to ourselves - the two "pets" inside "Bully" was very nearly lost by carelessness in trying to exchange his cage Miss Smyth caught him

                                8. WEDNESDAY.

        Very successful journey to Edinbro' Two pets behaved very well - Got to York about 2.15 where we rested  quarter of an hour - Got to Edinbro a little after 8 where Mrs. Anthony met us and was very civil and kind - Went on to Crieff at 9 - changed at one place and arrived about 12 or one Washed and got things comfortable.    

   Lincoln is another brother 

 The summer of 1863 is recorded as a very hot dry summer

"Orley Farm"   is a novel by  Anthony Trollope 

Crieff  a place in Scotland where Minnie's family came from 

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