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August / September




The diary becomes increasingly difficult to transcribe owing to the deteriorating quality of the handwriting. and in fact due to its illegibility I have ceased transcription half way through September.  The situation is  similar but worse for the many  sporting reports and therefore any further transcription by me will end.  Most of these pages were taken up with boxing however there were a few cricket matches.  These pages will all be uploaded so as top be seen.  There general messiness and untidiness  show that the author's capabilities are in rapid decline and by the end are virtually unreadable.     I can only apologise for my inabilities to transcribe these pages

This is not the end though.  In the last  section  a brief account of the author's final days will be given.

There is also more  still to be said about the relationship between the author his life family and friends and the Almanack section of Wisden 1st edition 1864.   


                                                                1  SATURDAY 

Unsuccessful with calls - Bussall's not at home Col. Hunter the same he however we met on the road home he was coming from seeing his maid Mrs. Stirling whose child was dying. - On the way home we went to a nice place inhabited by an old lady - filled up in the gillei? style Miss M went in but we walked about the gardens instead- Rained all night much needed

                                                                                              2  S.  9 AF.TR

Went to the English church with Miss M. - This is the slowest day of the week - Minnie is not allowed to play because the servants dont like it (ridiculous) dine early and have heavy tea in the evening and what with the abscence of papers & the other grievances it is not a pleasant day- Minnie commenced taking good long walks - with to get through  the day 

                                                                                              3 . MONDAY 

The Hepburns from Colquhalzie called here Mr and Mrs. two queer old people of 80 and 70 - The old gentleman using a wind trumpet - being as deaf as a post - old lady  eat?  iced like anything. Very hard to carry on a converse with them without laughing.    Very hot - took a walk with Minnie The Luggan hill was the object of our walk - The view from there is magnificent - Mr and Mrs Antony luncheoned with us Rained in the night.        


Due to the pages being trimmed the jagged edge of a crudely cut out page cannot be seen but a page has been torn


 A star has been placed against every name with an unwarranted apostrophe after the initial capital letter 

Presumably most of the named individuals are residents/ gentry  local to the area.


Other names are local to the area of Perthshire close to Crieff 

There are the remains of a green page in the image below to be seen where a page has been roughly cut out 


                                            4  Tuesday 

After luncheon Minnie Aunt H. went up to Ochtertyree , but thet were all out seeing Harry off in the "Warrior" David not being an agreeable companion - they came home pretty soon the sun was very powerful so I stayed at home and stuck to Chambers's Papers on the "Mutiny " in India  - weather walked very late, when the sun was down 

                                           5  WEDNESDAY

Bella and Wiltey came over from Altana - they went to the moor with Minnie in a chaise - The same we three went went some few days before some stray showers - and the girls got rather wet - Dr and Mrs Carnegie came to luncheon he was the heaviest man I ever saw ??????????????   attempted a walk but  were forced to come home  but Aunt H and I did have our walk  - she went "marketing " for eggs Bella and Wiltey went home in a chaise.

                                          6  THURSDAY. C.

Very hot morning- The Carnegies staging a carriage to see "Drummonds * "C'astle Ochtertyree"  I joined them and made a rough sketch - of a fragment of the "castle"  We left and ???? asked about "babby" Macbeth  I left them as they were going to Ochtertyree and it was hot and wanted to set home - Minnie waiting at home for Helen Keith Murray -  who was ill and could not come

                                               7.  FRIDAY

Slow steady rain with no wind- a disgusting day, we had an engagement after receiving some letters of and answering them we went to in a curicle to Bulgowan - a Mr. Thompson's whose wife was a connection of "Glory Campbells husband "  they were nice people- and the luncheon a dinner was excellent - rained all the time- we picked gooseberries in the rain - pretty child of 15 Miss Thompson is very cheeky - played baguette- Mr Thompson came home late and wet from Perth - The Princess & Prince  - were to be exhibited at that place on the following day and tickets were in immense demand - Two of the guests were Capt. Snow and *G'ores ? pleasant fellows.     

                                            8.  SATURDAY

Powerful showers of rain and hurricanes of wind - we were afraid we should not get out at all Aunt H and I did manage that much we got out for about an hour and a half- perhaps - The Turrett looked to be in fishing water & I thought I should like to try it next day - but , but loh it would be Sunday - I knew it must soon be all run in - I Began history "Rise and Fall of Dutch republic by Motley - I had finished "The mutiny in India some time

                                           9  S 10 AFT - TRIN.

Morning church as usual The Bishop & a collection. the evil man collecting for the antagonistic  was turned out for tis day Mrs Antony and Bella luncheoned here Mary Ann Conygham carrying off the others - *S'aw Campbell Colquhoun and we arranged that I shuld drive over on Monday and luncheon and fish the Ruchill - Minnie and I went to see the "Keltie Fall- Had there been any water in the country - it would have been ????

                                            10.  MONDAY

About one o'clock I met Campbell in Crieff but he waited some time at the railway for a parcel which never came , had luncheon at Clathick & drove him to Comrie where we left the cart & under the auspices of a reduced officer a "Douglas" of whom - drink had been the ruin - the fishing was about the usual - no water and minute parr - the old boy did get a few  - with minnows for us.  Capitalm heavy tea at Clathick - "Hero" carried off a piece of beef for which Mrs. C administered personal chastisement - Sat up late with Campbell who was to be on the moors - en route at all events - on Tuesday 

                                         11.   TUESDAY 

We all three walked to Inch Brakie by the navigation  Capt. and Mrs. Drummond.  Rather slow at first but improved as we found friends - The games were successful running of boys in sacks most laughable and blindfolded boys tried to wheelbarrow.  Very few returned as they got into the the " Scene? of the ring was best" I will say more of this elsewhere - walked to Altana - Uncle Antony was there went home in the pony carriage at last to Crieff.

                                      12  WEDNESDAY

Minnie feeling tired from her exertions yesterday - I walked with Aunt H. to Monzie.  We intent on the Coulter Falls - soon saw they could not contain much water now - and we determined to return by the Knock but we had great difficulty on getting out of Monzie & took a much nearer road home.  The climbing was very hard - I quite lost myself - Got home a little late **Grouse shooting begins - birds supposed to be early and therefore wild.     

                                      13   THURSDAY

About 12 o'clock we walked to Altana partook of a light luncheon.  Miss M. and I then went to see some bees manufacturing - the honey - good thing to see - but we had to keep very still while looking - Old James assured us tho' the the gap in the opening of the (hive) had been stoppwed up & aunt H nearly got a nasty fall and and I ran thorns into me the pain was inexpressible.  Hard day  - dined at the cottage Uncle Antony was there - walked down to the Highland??  It  was arranged to drive "a lot of us" " if Tuesday suited to the glen

                                          14.  FRIDAY

????  Aunt H. sanguine of the day as usual recommending going - Minnie and I refused at first - I never liked the day and I was right - Mary Anne Conyngham the two girls M. I & aunt h. formed the party and we determined to turn back - particularly as one of the horses - broke his knees- had our grub at a farmer's - with a most hospitable - we  went up on the heather  I ran up like the ???? & lost my pipe & chipped my nice flask & cut my finger as I predicted it rained like the blazes - - all the way back " So much for the fine day" - a waste of money

                                           15  SATURDAY 

Rained heavily the whole day - did not get out at all - the intervals between the showers so brief - Did up Diary a good deal  

                                            16. S 11 AF.TRIN   

Did not go to church Collins novel & Taylorson.  Took chow  out for a walk.  Walked to Monzie with Minnie starting at the Fern lodge going up & turning round as before but turning up to fern lodge instead of going up to the by lodge - it is nicer - but as usual we got home too soon and *S'unday here is dreary - no papers - dine early - to say nothing of the music grievance 

                                             17.  MONDAY   

Wrote diary in the morning - Sketched on the "Knoll"?i  in the wood  immediately above  Crieff  knoll very common scottish name for a hill- wild windy looking day -

                                              18.   TUESDAY

Very windy - wrote diary fiercely - Went out to continue the sketch, but beaten by wind- read the "dutch republic"pretty hard Minnie and Aunt Helen went to Strowan so was left to my own devices         

Yet more names and now even a word with unwarranted apostrophes

"Photographs most capital"  Interesting to mention photographs.  In 1863 although still in its infancy  it was becoming quite a hobby  taking  photographs.


There is for me a truly sad poignancy about the the entry for August the 23rd  F.E.C's birthday.  Its why I put that section in capital letters for emphasis.  He may well have thought them "wasted" and in many ways they probably were because he is certainly a man with abilities who through the conventions of the day and being a "gentleman" spent his life doing nothing of value

But if he had not "wasted" them, then we, who love cricket  over the last 150 years or so would not have had the pleasure of Wisden's Almanack  


Knock  An area of woodland high above Crieff

Burwick.   Could not find a Burwick Falls  Possibly/Probably referring to the magnificent  Bruar Falls

Ld Melville Statue.  Monument to Henry Dundas.  Today this monument attracts a degree of controversy due to this man's links with slavery and his efforts that caused its abolition to be delayed by 15 years


A Man  A poacher? 



The remains of a page having been torn out can just be seen as a green diagonal edge.  Also to be seen are  some ugly ink smears.  


The illustration at the top is the last one to be done 

Partridge shooting beginning on September 1st is also noted in the 1st edition of  Wisden.  As can be seen from entries over the next few days Elwes was not only aware of this but spent time partridge shooting 

"No corn cut"  Aside from an awareness of partridge shooting Elwes clearly takes some notice of farming and is able to observe the fact with surprise that no corn in early September has been cut.   He may not be the author of the farming entries in 1st edition of Wisden but as a countryman at heart I think it likely 

A few more unwarranted apostrophes again appearing 


Frochie River appears not to exist 

Benchozie Is a Perthshire mountain 

A slight error in the date initially writing a 3 and changing to a 1  

More unwarranted apostrophes

Gyp unknown but presumably a dog 

A large ink blot. A further sign that all is not well

More evidence in this odd spelling of changed  

                                         19.  THURSDAY 

Did diary most of the day - with a relief of "Dutch Republic" till Minnie went out on the knock - above Monzie - Aunt H. went the same way - but we did not see her - Finished 11 Vol.  tried to get up a party to go to Ben Vorlich - get up very early the next day but it was no use

                                          20.  FRIDAY 

Diary as usual -  *S'ome people a Mr. and Mrs M'clay and friends of theirs came up to see Ochtertyre some little way *S'Howers  or something more but fine in the evening ; liked our new friends particularly Mrs. M'Clay - (who was very graceful nice woman)  Mr. Maxwells party were their friends & nice people 

                                           21.  SATURDAY 

Walked over to Altana - to luncheon & dine they were as usual jolly - I made a sketch that much pleased me of Altana - Minnie & Hellen Keith Murray went to see a ruin (a new ruin)  called Inerpephrie ?-  to dinner and claret -  Returned in the little carriage - Fine day very -

                                           23. S . 12 a. TRIN

Church   Drummonds at Inchbrakie not there however  Campbell Colquhoun had a visitor or relation ??????????????  off most of the girls to luncheon - but I insisted Bella - 

***MY NATAL DAY -  35 WASTED YEARS I SUPPOSE THEM !  (my emphasis)

Minnie and I a long walk - heard thunder & mist desperate sky - but never did the hills look more lovely -

                                             24 .  MONDAY

Did a great deal of diary- Intended to sketch on the "knock - but a corking shower sent me home - thunder was heard - Minnie not very well - she went to see a fall Burwick  the M'clays and Maxwells had tea with us - Miss Mary Maxton and Miss - a very nice old lady Miss Ramsay with silver hair which she and all her family had quite early in life

                                              25  TUESDAY   St Bartlemy 

The M'clays and the Maxwells were kind enough to take us out in a break - to Ochtertyre fast but as we saw them going out - we just skipped through and went on to Comrie  rain descended and I got dreadfully wet in the rain -????smoked a cheroot?   Got a beginning of a sketch of Melville's statue as the rain held up at last - very fine drive home - I am glad to say the rest of the party did go up to the monument - Sat frightfully at night & drunk/

                                                  26.  WEDNESDAY

Rained in the morning - Paid calls in a covered carriage Coltonquhey - found Mrs. Maxton at home & some other lady - a Mrs Ramsay - who was just going anyway and ???? all out - saw Mrs. Drummond walking- Inch Brakie - Drummond away - Went to Altana girls were just going out - Bella at Ochtertyre photographs most capital  

                                                  27.  THURSDAY 

Poured with rain still the party came - but it was an act of madness & they went away in the afternoon - Minnie went out in the evening - merely to give chow a run - Got as far Coltoquhey - & turned back - It looked a little better I did some jobs in crieff got the rod mended ordered pipes etc. got a dreadful headache

                                                   28.  FRIDAY.  O. 

Looked pretty fair at first - Only M and I and the two boys went with me to loch Frochie - the rain came on about 12 or half past - & it never ceased raining - a chag/ of Williamsons was there and got the boats - but it was no good trying to fish - & we gave it up - - I found girls at the cottage on my return but not wet

                                                   29.  SATURDAY

Walked to Comrie to sketch I met Campbell Colquhoun on the way- went with me - sketched Ld. Melville again luncheoned at the inn - had ordered a a dog cart which never **condescened to come, so I walked home making 14 miles of it - the Gardners were asked to dine - Dr could not come but the Mrs did - and she was the sweetest little woman - so pretty a (s?)  nice in manner as any I ever saw - Felt tired after my walk 14 mile 

                                                   30.  S. 13 aft. Trin. 

Did not get up after my 14 miler ????? church again. - Minnie and I had a beautiful walk.  *****Burwick Falls - succession of the most splendid cascades - Fin(ished?) the sketch on the "Knock" One thing on this ????? lasted until tea ***Frank to luncheon - Girls went home - and M. went some away with her 

                                                   31.  MONDAY

Drive to the Turret river as I thought looking well all the upper water was froth and useless - the lower not awash - Girls - the rain ruined one anyhow I met a man*****  with a fair pannier  - maggot was the secret I was nearly asking he had leave from Patrick - quite sure he was out - getting a wet? - Bought a ?????? from Robert - Heard from Dick 

                               S E P T E M B E R 

                             1.  TUESDAY


Rained I believe nearly the Whole day - Minnie was at Ochtertyre and by a picnic * Dalhouzie where chow was  ???? by the nasty sweets some children gave that he refused all food the next day

                                             2.  WEDNESDAY 

Put my gun out its case and with Robert & Canto? (loaned from Sir Patrick tried round Altana for partridges- no corn cut and I should have done better  - 2 p'tridges is all I could muster - the details given in another placeDid not quite shoot as well as I ought to have done

                                             3  THURSDAY

On the water again Braar - and Frochie and Almand - the first with ???? bridge the pools above were returning nothing - to day at the Bridge of ???? pretty well along  - all niceish fish - certainly the best -  I had during the course of my stay - This river is now called Almond - 28 was the basket - nobody did anything on the Loch 

                                              4.  FRIDAY

Tried the Almond again - both attended - Roobert & I soon left his friend - who went on his own hook water  - not a very good subsistence at the "Sheen" was dreadful .  I had the misfortune to cut my wading stockings ?????????  I knew they would mend - a little tacky - 14 or 16 perhaps - (Who?) begged for a lift and we gave her one - dinner early -  Mrs Campbell Colquhon Dr. Gardner & Mrs. West - Minnie & Aunt H called 

                                              5.   SATURDAY 

Went up the Turret but it began to rain and I am sorry to say it never gave in - I got but 3 and a wetting - Met a little old man who had got a few with the worm - he advised us to try the moment it left off raining we might do well - It never left off so we came home

                                              6.  S. 14 a Trin.   

To church - two wasps buzzing about - quite disturbed the serenity of the congregation - One of the girls to Luncheon  Took a tremendous walk with Minnie - we went along to the *S'haggie Fall - with much water on it must be magnificent - looked a little like rain at starting but we soon got confidence in the weather 

                                                7.  MONDAY

Resumed the gun - met Mr. Brown at the toll gate and we shot together, not so much corn cut as I expected - *s'oon found that old brown was very slow indeed only possessing one eye I lost several birds by leaving them to him.  This I gave up as I was in rather in form and made some very long shots - luncheon at Altana - leaving 3 brace 3 birds given to Old B - the same brought home 6 brace was the bag - one or two rabbits got 4 brace myself


                                           8.  TUESDAY

 Minnie Aunt H. & The two Mclays to balmoral & the Highland excursion.  had a good day on the Brand (Braan ) & *Frochie river - nothing I heard line in the loch?  got 29 fish - some beautiful - biggest I ever got here - bewailed not having my big rod - cold wet drive home - notes from Sir Patrick and Campbell - the first an invitation to **Benchonzie - the last informing me had killed 2 roe deer.


                                            9.  WEDNESDAY

Very fine day - looking like a thorough change for the better - Sir Patrick and Wm. Murray called - (the latter I had not yet met) - they had the answer to the invite ahead - Did not go out at all - did diary

                                            10.  THURSDAY 

To Ochtertyre in Sir Patrick's dog cart - large party up Benchozie - got Chow - did not shut up - Campbell got the most - hares & usual - 1 Golden Plover - sprained my ankle - badly - fool enough not to accept Sir P offer of the dog (cart)   but walked to Ochtertyre increasing  (pain?)spent a miserable evening from pain & home in the double cart

More details elsewhere

                                              ***11.  FRIDAY 

Perfectly helpless at house - left ankle big as two - ****8Saw ' G'ardiners who ?????? Campbell the jolly fellow - Called upon & went to see how how - I was - Felt a little better - cold bathing was ????? - was recommended ???? quite the tourist returned delighted with Balmoral country - Campbell I heard afterwards had loaned Gyp ***** to me when I wanted her 

                                                12.  SATURDAY 

Very much improved indeed - Gardiner called again looked in again - & showed how to tie on a bandage skillfully one of his own - Wanting a drive from being without air - a whole day - I made a compact  with Min to give her another umbrella - if she would not lose it - had a long drive - later? at Comrie Mcleay elder son ask him for a rod which I lent 

                                                    13.  S.  15 a Trin.  ******

I staid in the house all day - Minnie went to Altana and Dollerie ****8 and took a walk on the "Knock" with the Mclays Felt better much - but very slow being alone all day-

                                                    14.  MONDAY 

Went to Altana with the gun - did very little no scent - 2 brace and a full grown cock robin flying cheined?  (changed) ****** at Altana - got nothing afterwards the birds being entirely in the rain.

                                                   15. TUESDAY

Tried the Frochie river and Braan to little purpose - 14 spratts - too cold - water gone down & the rain coming were the causes of my ill success - Dinner party - Sir Patrick and William & Mrs. Horne the M'clays & Coyninghams in the evening Volunteers practise & ball - Very Slow 



Although this page comes after the last diary entry it has been included because of the table showing the list of Winners of the Goodwood Cup.

This is of great interest because in the 1st Edition of Wisden is a list of the winners of the Epsom Derby the St. Leger and The Oaks

Although different in format the idea of a table showing a list of the winners of various horse races is now obviously possible.  It may even be and I suspect it was but cannot prove that in the missing pages were the list of winners for the Derby Oaks and St. Leger in the same format as above but they were modified by Wisden and or his editor into the form they appear in the 1st Edition of Wisden. 

Wisden and or his editor gave greater clarity to the list of winners of the University Rowing Matches by the addition of dittoes so why not for greater clarity modify lists of the winners of the Derby Oaks and St. Leger?


The idea for including these lists came from somewhere!    

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