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This blog entitled Wisden's Secret is based upon the manuscript volume written in 1863 which is illustrated below, which I own and from which I can prove, to the criminal law requirements of "beyond reasonable doubt" that to a greater or lesser extent,  John Wisden, one time captain of the England cricket team, sporting goods proprietor, and publisher of Wisden's Almanack was not as is generally accepted, the sole creator of Wisden's Almanack


I will also show that much of the First edition of Wisden's Almanack which at first sight leaves the reader baffled by the strange conglomeration of material unrelated to cricket relates to the author of this manuscript: or his life, family, and friends.


Furthermore, I will also show that the evolution of the Almanack's cricket reports from the late 1860's/early 1870's was textually and stylistically mimicking the cricket reports that were first written in this manuscript during the year 1863.

This site will over time include much more than the reproduction, transcription and relevant commentary for  this manuscript.  


For example a powerful argument (if not proof) will be made to show that the father of the author of this manuscript was the original inspirational source for the character Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.  In 1795 when Jane Austen began Pride and Prejudice this man was a young, single and very rich individual. But that is only the start, there is so much more...   


The possible discovery of a previously unknown etching by Rembrandt, the first to be found for over 100 years


And more  

Nigel King

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In Part At Least


The  Original  Source  Manuscript

For Wisden's Almanack    

1st Edition 1864 

© Nigel King 2018-19

Below is an illustration of the results table page  for the University Rowing Matches in the manuscript written in 1863. This is obviously the original source for the page in Wisden's Almanack first edition 1864 of the page containing the University Rowing Matches.

This manuscript upon examination provides a midpoint between the Rowing Almanacks of 1863 and 1864 and the first edition of Wisden's Almanack of 1864 that is difficult to dispute.  


Proof of copying by Wisden however, (ie. beyond reasonable doubt) is shown by the last three race timings.


In  Wisden 1864 the last three race  timings are exactly the same as the last three race timings in the manuscript, and all three are are different to the race timings in the Rowing Almanack .s of 1863 and 1864 from which this table so bviously derives. The odds against  Wisden making exactly the same  race timing mistakes independently, are astronomical. These odds increase when the close connections between the two men become revealed


A more detailed explanation of this proof with supporting illustrations can be found by clicking the Content page. It  appears in the section "First and Second Proof Beyond  Reasonable Doubt..."



The illusttration to the left is the page from the 1st edition of Wisden 1864 showing the Universitry Rowing Matches. (Published with the permission of Neil Robinson  Lords Library)

Both these illustrations have as their source the University Rowing Match page from  Rowing Almanack of 1863 and 1864. An illustration of this page is to be found in Wisden/s Secret Part 2   "First and Second Proof"  

The author of the manuscript above was a former rower with Magdalene College 


The real (?) life identity of Mr. Darcy, The real (?) life location of Thornton Lacey. The real (?) life location of Northanger Abbey and Woodston  and the extraordinary discovery of Easter Eggs (ie. hidden treasures  in the form of anagram word puzzles within Jane Austen's writings that have lain undisturbed for over 200 years) Too mention  a few of the remarkable secrets uncovered 

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A unique, recently discovered etching

This image is a unique etching with drypoint  and dated 1653 .The image here has been enlarged in order to see the true creative complexity of this etching further enlargement is necessary. Its actual size is 160mm by 130mm.

I have spent time without success attempting to find another example. I believe this etching to be unique. If anyone knows of another example, (not a reproduction), of this actual etching I would like to know because I am pretty sure there isn't one.

Below is a much enlarged image.  Unfortunately modern technology is not able to reproduce even when enlarged everything that is recorded on the original etching. It is still not possible not to see the finest of fine detail. For example

the right hand corner of the old mans left eye is created using about 15 clearly defined lines with gaps

between each. At the moment its the best  I can offer. 

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