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Hello,  My name is Nigel  King and this blog, entitled Wisden's Secret was initially  based upon the manuscript volume written in 1863 which is illustrated below, which I own and from which I can prove, to the criminal law requirements of "beyond reasonable doubt" that to a greater or lesser extent,  John Wisden, one time captain of the England cricket team, sporting goods proprietor, and publisher of Wisden's Almanack  the most famous and revered sporting publication in the world was not, as is universally  accepted, the sole and original creator of Wisden's Almanack and that therefore  the history of Wisden and the history of Wisden's Almanack as it is generally understood is incorrect. 

N.B.  Nobody either in or out of cricket and has studied "my 2 Proofs" has so far attempted to rebut or present any evidence that I am wrong.   The only thing that anyone in or out of cricket has done so far  is to to turn a blind eye and stay as quiet as possible.   


I will also show that much of the First edition of Wisden's Almanack which at first sight leaves the reader baffled by the strange conglomeration of material unrelated to cricket, relates to the author of this manuscript: or his life, family, and friends.


Furthermore, I will also show that the evolution of the Almanack's cricket reports from the late 1860's/early 1870's was textually and stylistically mimicking the cricket reports that were first written in this manuscript during the year 1863.  Click  Here for part 1

N. B.  Jon Hotten a  notable cricket writer has written 2 articles about this manuscript.  The first "The Prequel" appears in Wisden's Almanack 2021 and the other "One man's extraordinary pursuit of the truth" appearing in specialist cricket quarterly publication The Nightwatchman for June 2021 

Martin Chandler of Cricket web in his review of Wisden 2021 had this to say  "And of course the book wouldn’t be a modern Wisden without the occasional look at the quirky, and the best example of that is Jon Hotten’s piece about Nigel King, a man with a manuscript that might be described as an 1863 Wisden."

Recently published in the Mail Digital in early April 2023 is a piece about myself and the manuscript  by Sarah Oliver.  Key into google, Sarah Oliver and Francis Elwes and it should appear.  Sadly it can only be viewed by subscription,  3 months trial for a pound.  Call me cynical and disbelieving but....  The article was initially going to be published in the Mail on Sunday in early March .  It reached final proof stage, was about to be printed  and was withdrawn for "some reason"   I expressed the view that some influential shadowy figure or figures did not want this widely published and the masses thus to learn of the existence of this manuscript.  Stop being a conspiracy theorist I was told.  Everyone in the features dept. at the Mail liked it.  Its an interesting article to say the least and given some of the crap that gets served up as newsworthy I think it deserved publication.  Sarah Oliver herself was also very happy with what she had written.  It would have been easy enough to publish the next week or the week after but it was not.  Does publication 4 weeks later in the Mail Digital allay my suspicions that something is going on and that somebody at least if not a group of individuals  does not want this manuscript to become widely known?  Given that  the fully paid up subscription numbers are almost certainly a small fraction of the 150,000 subscribers the majority of whom I suspect have paid their pound and signed up to view just a few articles  perhaps only 1 article....  NO  IT DOES NOT!   But hey! Dont mind me.  I'm just a conspiracy theorist .


Yes it is.  At search Francis Emilius Cary Elwes. Some may think I ask too much.   So, a brief explanation. 

A first edition of Wisden sells for 15,000 pounds give or take a few thousand.   W.G.  Grace's copy, were it to be offered for sale again probably much more.  


Search Bonhams Sothebys and Christies auction houses for their manuscript sales.  What is offered and how much it sells for.  It should not take you long to realise that manuscripts, in general, but  especially of  works considered important fetch many, many times the value of mere 1st editions.  Hence my price. 




Over time the blog  developed as research I undertook revealed more and more detail of the most astonishing nature in relation to Jane Austen.   


                   The Unknown Jane Austen

                          Hidden in Plain Sight 

A very strong case; a surfeit of evidence as one acquaintance of an acquaintance  described it to me  (if not proof) will be made to show that the father of the author of this manuscript was the original inspirational source for the character Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.  In 1795 when Jane Austen began Pride and Prejudice this man was a young, single and very rich individual.  That's the beginning,  to follow is the discovery of perhaps hundreds of  anagram puzzles.  Some ingeniously contrived puns (Prior to 2020 only ONE PUN was known in Jane Austen's work)  and were that not already more than enough there are some extraordinary numerical Easter Eggs as well. (As a quick test Study the 2 paragraphs before the word Commerce in Volume 1 Chapter 6 Pride and Prejudice.  There is, for those with any appreciation of ingenuity, something to be seen) Click here  to learn more about the Unknown Jane Austen 



                                                  R E M B R A N D T


The possible discovery of a previously unknown etching by Rembrandt, the first to be found for over 100 years.  Click  Here





























                               Lord Byron / John Martin

      40 Unknown Fine Coloured Aquatints 


A complete set of virtually unknown fine, delicately coloured aquatints to illustrate Lord Byron's works.  No national collection has a full set.  1 institution in America has just one example and another has seven examples bound in with a copy of the works of Byron. 

Click here 





























Nigel King

N.B.  There are a few people who have visited more than once who may wish to ask questions or make points.  Please feel free to do so. 

M A R C H  O R  D I E 

The  1st 3 of 10 chapters of a brutal manuscript account about a small group of R.A.F serviceman who from late December 1944 until late January 1945 became Prisoners of War of the main Greek communist faction E.L.A.S.  This is not as its author himself notes  for the squeamish  


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Lord Byron 40 fine coloured aquatints to illustrate the works of Lord Byron
Original Source Manuscript 1863 to Wisden's Almanack 1st edition 1864

  Wisden's Secret

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In Part At Least


The  Original  Source  Manuscript

For Wisden's Almanack    

1st Edition 1864 

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