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Copy of the Manuscript Wisden's Secret 


  Wisden's Secret

1 8 6 3


In Part At Least


The  Original  Source  Manuscript

To  Wisden's  Almanack    

1st Edition 1864 

This manuscript is currently on sale at or Vialibri

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A hard copy of this manuscript may be available at a price of about £129.95.


It will be printed on card in full colour and unbound, 4 pages of manuscript to 1 card. Also included will be the text commentary to accompany it.


Contact by email only and mark Commercial if you are interested. 


If there is sufficient interest to justify printing a small quantity then I will let you know the exact price.


Individual pages are available at £4 each  or £4 pounds plus £2 for every subsequent page including Postage and Packing in the UK; it can also be posted elsewhere at extra cost.  

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